The Prolific Way is

At the core of our mission is the commitment to cultivate a synergistic partnership that unites clients, agency, and team members in pursuit of common objectives:

  • Scale (Revenue Surge):
    We strive to propel your business towards substantial revenue growth.
  • Efficiency (Profit Margin):
    Our focus extends to optimizing your profit margins, ensuring a harmonious balance between growth and financial stability.

  • Brand Awareness (Aligned Incentives):
    Motivating and aligning our team members with your goals is integral to our approach.

Tailoring our strategies to your unique objectives, we collaborate closely to establish a mutually beneficial ecosystem characterized by collaboration, transparency, and enduring success.

In a cacophony of agencies, we distinguish ourselves by offering a fresh perspective—orchestrating the seamless integration of all your traffic and fostering a collaborative environment with our team working in concert with yours.

By intricately weaving your targets into our fee structure and team compensation models, we assimilate your business goals into our own. This distinctive philosophy sets us apart, laying the foundation for enduring multi-year partnerships

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Who We Are

The journey began back in 2013, Aaron Martinez found himself at the heart of an eCommerce journey with launching his first brand on Amazon.

Focused on learning the ever-changing Amazon algorithm he soon learned the foundation of brands success on the platform.

The premise was straightforward – by learning how to present a product with better  creative content and more effective advertising strategy, this allowed him to drive more sales and reviews. This ultimately led to being able to control a market and not be so dependent on having to tank pricing. He has since shared his in depth knowledge with all of his partners.

As time progressed, he started consulting brands across the world for various roles within the performance marketing landscape. By 2018, he created Prolific Brands where he helped over 200 brands and employed 50 team members dedicated to the clients success.

What WE Value

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